HIV Prevention and Anti-Human Trafficking Program (HPAHTP)

HPAHTP is carried out by the Consultant for NR56 through Community Development Organization of Humanitarian (CDOH) as the Service Provider (SP) for both ADB and KEXIM financed projects. SP has extended and continued its works for the approved scope of works for NR56.The HPAHTP scope cover both ADB and KEXIM financed projects

Please refer to Documentation for uploaded reports on this website in Project Document


Full resettlement plans have been prepared during the ADB loan processing for the to-be-improved project of the NR56, the CBF at O’smach and Weigh Station. Based on the data provided in original resettlement plans, 210 structures out of total 426 households will be affected by the NR56 Project.

It will require relocation of 2 houses and 208 temporary stores.

  • For NR 56, all takes were completed, except some pending payments to a few APs only.
  • For CBF, APs already agreed to their compensation amount, except a few APs only and the Compensation will start very soon.

The updated Resettlement Plan will be uploaded after ADB’s approval.


An initial environmental examination has been prepared for the NR56 section and CBF at O’smach in northwest of Cambodia. There are several nature reserves and protected areas in the general vicinity of the project. There are shown below;

  • Angkor Protected Landscape surrounds the World Heritage site of Angkor Wat temple. The edges of the reserve area are over 100 kilometers from the project road zero point.
  • Tonle Sap Freshwater Lake Biosphere lies to the south of NR 6. The outer zone of the biosphere reserve, where development is permitted, is defined by the road alignment of NR 6.
  • The Sarun Crane bird sanctuary lies to the north of NR 6 at a distance of approximately 25 kms.
  • Roneam Doum Sam wildlife sanctuary lies to the southwest of NR 5. At the closest point the edge of the sanctuary is 10 kms from NR5 road.
  • Banteay Chhmar Protected Landscape lies to the west of NR 56. At the closest point the edge of the reserve is 400 meters from the road.

The two main protected areas of interest are Bantaey Chhmar Protected Landscape and the Sarun Crane sanctuary. Vehicle related air and nose pollution is not a major environmental issue along the corridor. However, during dry seasons, lateritic dust from passing vehicles affects the quality of life for resident in vicinity of the earth roads. During road construction, the contractors will be requested to sprinkle with water on the base and sub base courses and existing road to minimize the dust impact on air pollution. Wastewater and solid waste generated by operation of Base Camp and Crusher plant have been identified as potential environmental issues which need to be addressed through the environmental management plan (EMP) and the environmental monitoring plan to be implemented through the Civil Works.

Mine/ UXO clearance Works

The assessment to dealing with Mine/UXO threats has the component. A survey of the project area had undertaken by Specialist during detail design stage of the project. In concert with the specialist survey, a programmer of Mine / UXO risk awareness  is established and maintained to educate and warn not only all those who will in the project Area, but also the local population because although they  may be aware of the current risk in Locality, their risk may the heightened by the Civil works activities .The project area is amongst the highest in the country for minefield risk by analyzing and combining all the available information of obtain from CMAC and from the field survey Mine/UXO contamination level for NR56 have been identified according to the threat categories .